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History of the Outrigger Iron Championship Race

On September 20, 1959 Albert Edward “Toots” Minvielle organized the first Outrigger Canoe Race in California between an all-star crew from Hawaii and a team of athlete’s from California. That race, which is known today as the Catalina Crossing, initiated an epidemic that spread throughout Southern California. As the popularity of the sport spread, canoe clubs sprouted in many coastal cities and many clubs started hosting events that spanned from San Luis Obispo to San Diego.

In 1985 the race hosted by Kai Elua Canoe Club was dubbed by Penu Puau as the Iron championships and has become the official Outrigger Iron Championship Race for the Southern California Outrigger Racing Association (SCORA).

Each year Kai Elua makes it our mission to take Outrigger Iron Championship Race to a new level of professionalism, competition, expression and last but not least fun.

We welcome paddlers and spectators from around the world to take part in our event and hope to have the opportunity to show you the wonders of our sport, our race and our city.