Novice Dance Competition

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Are you SCORA’s Favorite Dance Crew?

It’s time for the 9th Annual Novice Dance Competition.


Novice,  are you ready to bring it and represent your club? It’s time to show all the other clubs that you have moves on and off the water.15 dance 2
Open paddlers, make sure your novice are ready – the dance competition is on!

You pick the category – traditional or contemporary and start planning your moves.

You’ll need music, costumes – and if you can make fun of the open paddlers in your performance, that’s even better. Judges will rate the performances and there will be awards for the winners.

Register today and start practicing. This year the competition is limited to 10 dance crews.

Dance Divisions:

  1. Traditional – Costume/dress, synchronization, choreography, originality
  2. Contemporary – Costume/dress, humor, originality


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  1. Traditional dance category includes any Pacific Isle style dance
  2. Contemporary dance category is any type of song, any type of dance that pokes fun at the sport of paddling and your Open teams (this is basically anything non-traditional)
  3. Performance will be no longer than three minutes.
  4. Dance and music must be family-friendly (there are kids in the audience)
  5. Points are given for costumes – so dress to impress the judges
  6. Props are welcomed, throwing of confetti, water balloons, sunscreen, shade…is not.
  7. All dancers must have raced that day in the Iron Champs Novice division, and new this year, they can be an Open racer if they are new to SCORA this year. No extra dancers who didn’t race are allowed.
  8. Deadline for entries is June 17
  9. The total scores in each dance category and for overall score will be determined by the judges15 dance 20
    • No trying to bribe the judges.
    • Judging criteria includes:
      • Costumes
      • Synchronization
      • Originality
      • Choreography & Style
      • Entertainment value (or “Audience Impact”)
      • Humor
      • Each of the three criteria will be scored from 1-5, with 5 being the highest score for each criteria, and 25 being the highest possible total score.

Awards will be given out for the following categories: 

Best Overall

Most Humorous     15 dance 10

Best Costumes

To enter the dance contest please email