Donation Tickets and Rewards

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Pre-Sale Donation Tickets!

For your convenience, we offer online purchase of donation tickets. Tickets will be picked up on race day by 12:00pm at the “Advanced Ticket Sales” line.  Here’s the incentive….Buy them online and you get more tickets AND we will print your information on the tickets for you!!  No hassle of adding your name & club to a million tickets on race day.

  • Pre-Sale Tickets

    20 for $25.00

    40 for $50.00

    80 for $100.00

If winner leaves before raffle is complete, they should turn over tickets to a friend or team member. We will make every attempt to distribute all prizes to the winner whose name is on the ticket pulled…but we don’t want to hang on to a brand new OC-1 longer than we have to.

Online raffle ticket sales end Wednesday, 22 June 2016 at midnight.
Check back periodically for an updated listing of our raffle prizes! Purchase tickets at the Outrigger Champs Online Store.

Two nights at Catalina Canyon Resort & Spa

Mongoose Brutus Fat Tire Mtn Bike (Retail $240)


Schwinn Baywood Cruiser (Retail $150)

Surf Fur Parka

Surf-fur Waterparka


Fit Bit Flex


RinseKit Poartable Shower System (Retail $99)


Double-sided Hawaiian Quilt – 70×90


Camelbak Flashflo 50oz Hydration Pak

Laguna Tribe Photo
Laguna Tribe Gear
And many, many more great prizes.